Scorekeeper II: The week's winners and losers

This week’s winners and losers—with arbitrary points.

Odor eaters

The brown marmorated stink bug, a “super pest” species native to southeast Asia, has found a home along 13th Street south of Capitol Park. These jerks eat almost any kind of foliage, often ruining edible crops. Here’s hoping they steer clear of, well, everything.

– 13


Do we still hate this guy, or are we just pretending to forget 2002? Inspired by the new ownership, Shaquille O’Neal has reportedly bought a minority share in the Sacramento Kings, promising to meet with players and coaches and even grab dinner with Kings center DeMarcus Cousins. The guy trashes Sacto for years—he even said the Kings move to Seattle was a “done deal” this past spring—and now we’re building him a new arena?

– 34

Damn Dem

Sacramento County Democrats accepted communications chairman Allan Brauer’s resignation last week after he wished death upon the children of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's aide on Twitter, in response to the GOP’s House vote to defund Obamacare. #Idiot.

– 129,000

Something’s fishy

At least two bicyclists enjoying the trail near Lake Natoma have run into fishing line strung across the trail, leaving one woman with a scar across her neck. A dangerous prank.

– 2

No parking, just chilling

Scorekeeper gives thumbs up to the groups behind the Midtown “parklet” patios and gardens last Friday on 20th Street near the MARRS building. The city is expected to hear a report on “parklets” next month.

+ 100

Sharing is good

Sacramento’s bike-share program wheeled forward last week with a fundraiser downtown. The Sacramento Area Council of Governments plans to vote on the bike-share program in December, and then could ride in 2015.


+ 200

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