Our bizarre voicemail saga never ends

Calling SN&R is all the rage

Last month, my colleague Raheem Hosseini received quite a bit of bizarre feedback on the cover story he’d written on local political up-and-comer Joshua Wood. One reader, in fact, was so moved that she called our offices and left Raheem a total of seven voicemails, stating quite strongly that– actually, we’re not quite sure what she was trying to say.

But it turns out she wasn’t finished, because yesterday numerous SN&R employees received voicemails from the very same woman.

The apex, I believe, was the one she left Raheem (yes, there was only one this time). In it, she put forth that he is Jewish, Indian and Buddhist, assured him that he would find her physically attractive and topped it all off with, “I don’t know what you are, but you are making me mad.”

[Warning: message includes language not suitable for children (or workplace listening)]

Here’s the one she left me. As with the last message, I edited out her name and contact information.

Stupid, indeed. As always, thanks for calling.

For those of you following along at home, you’ll note that we’ve started playing around with multimedia here at SN&R, so look forward to more auditory enjoyment down the line.


Seven angry messages for Raheem Hosseini
Drunk message for Dave Kempa
Bizarre message for Raheem Hosseini

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