Rally for Trayvon tommorow in downtown Sacramento

The outcry over George Zimmerman’s acquittal hasn’t subsided. And in downtown Sacramento tomorrow, a local delegation from National Action Network will protest outside the federal courthouse to press the U.S. Justice Department to step in.

The “Justice for Trayvon Martin” rally is expected to be held in 100 cities across the nation. The Sacramento iteration kicks of 1 p.m. at 501 I Street with a march, speakers and unity circles.

Organizers are hoping to convince Attorney General Eric Holder to bring a civil rights case against Zimmerman, who fatally shot an unarmed Martin after profiling the 17-year-old as a potential criminal and following him through his Florida suburb in a car. The two eventually came to blows and Zimmerman shot Martin through the heart.

Federal intervention in the case is unlikely, although President Barack Obama did say during an impromptu press conference on Friday that Holder was reviewing the case.

Personally, the idea of attending a vigil right now is draining. I can understand how rallies can be healing for those upset by injustice. If enough of them occur, who knows? Maybe Florida and 24 fellow states will even dump their dumb-ass “stand your ground” laws. Yeah, probably not.

But I personally find little catharsis in such gatherings. Sometimes it just feels like wallowing.

What did prove to be something of a balm was the president’s measured reflection on Friday. Of course because he’s a black president speaking about a black child’s death, conservatives excoriated him for being a race-bater.

But whatever. That was to be expected. Some folks you can’t ever reach.

But do yourself a favor and check out what looked to be his unrehearsed remarks. Then decide whether you’re feeling strong enough to march.

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