Craigslist ad seeking Roommate/Foot Master


Uh, good. Because I think I’ve found your next roommate.

Assuming you can’t read the text above, the ad, asking for only $300/month to live in a spacious Natomas home, reads as follows:

I am seeking a YOUNG and DOMINANT MALE who is a FOOT MASTER and will OWN me 24/7. I would wait on YOU hand and FOOT. I am looking to be treated like dirt under your male feet, while you use me as your foot stool. The house is a 4 bedroom home, you as my Foot Master would have your own bedroom and bathroom. I am a male 36, 5'8, 185. You can have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, sexual orientation doesn’t matter to me. Ideally, I would like to serve a YOUNG gay male DOM Couple. I would wait on them while they just use me and treat me like their inferior foot servant. Please let me know if this type of living arrangement interests you. Please send me an e-mail if this interests you. I won’t typically respond via phone (e-mail is best) until compatibility has been determined.

I ran the ad by my girlfriend yesterday, but she’s not really big on the ‘burbs. Oh, well. Maybe one of our readers is interested.

Two things to note:

1. I colored out the photos and chose not to include a link in order to respect the listing’s author’s privacy, while still showing our readers that life can get pretty kinky, even out by Sleep Train Arena.

2. If you find any funny, weird or unorthodox CraigsList ads, do not hesitate to mail them to us!

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