Pruning season

With his selection of Kathleen Merrigan as deputy secretary of agriculture, President Barack Obama cracks open the door for organic and sustainable farming.

Farm boy

SN&R’s president and CEO interviews state Secretary of Food and Agriculture A.G. Kawamura.

Back in business

SN&R’s publisher goes to Washington, meets Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and returns to Sacramento feeling more confident about America.

Waste not, want not

The Sacramento region is developing a plan to recycle more construction and demolition debris, and send less to local landfills.

Bike smack

May Is Bike Month, and SN&R president and CEO Jeff vonKaenel has challenged The Sacramento Bee to a bicycle-riding grudge match.

Power down

SN&R president and CEO Jeff vonKaenel takes a look at energy conservation and SMUD’s proposed rate hike.

Two for one

Legislation proposed by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg would reduce drop-out rate and create green-collar jobs.