Making music in Trump era

“I have to acknowledge that Trump won,” Charles Albright says. “He didn’t just do a mildly successful local band based on the fakeness of celebrity. He rules the world with the fakeness of celebrity.”

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Anton Barbeau returns to Sacramento with Manbird

“I think originally after we saw Lady Bird, we thought, ‘Let’s make our own film called Manbird’—just kind of a joke where I wandered around the streets of Sacramento or whatever. But then I thought, ‘Wow, gotta make a song out of this.’”

Music review: Free Advice, Cindy

This record is—in the best way—not for dancing; it’s for swaying. Or, to make my recommendation hyper-specific to Sacramento, it’s a record to be absorbed while laying on your floor under your wall-unit AC on 100-degree-plus days.

New-old oldies for night owls

Unless you’re looking for it—and that’s if you listen to terrestrial radio at all—you’ll probably miss KJAY 1430 AM/98.1 FM on your dial. But the…

Record store solidarity

Kicksville Vinyl & Vintage was open for just a week at its new location before public health regulations forced it to close temporarily during the…

Writing through the chaos

La Noche Oskura released a new single and continues to spread messages of empowerment, racial equality Twelve years ago, Nando Estrada introduced Sacramento to La…

Songs for social justice

Sacramento bands help fans amplify in-person protests with online cash Since March, the online music platform Bandcamp has waived its fees on the first Friday…