Bad signs for dating

Joey Garcia

Our ancestors navigated escapes, adventures and major life decisions according to the stars and planets. Centuries later, we still acknowledge the influences of celestial bodies. Some of us ritualize the appearance of a blood moon by setting intentions that attempt to harness its energy.

Or we seek insight from astrology. If you believe that the date and time of a person’s birth captures personality traits determined by the cosmos, enjoy the hard-won wisdom of these Sacramento-area residents who have strong ideas on which astrological signs are undateable.

“Virgos. They tend to be too self-involved.”

Joaquin Razo, 32

“Scorpio men. My best closest girlfriends are all Scorpios, but Scorpio men, not good. They’re hyper-masculine, have anger issues, are not understanding of who I am as a person, wouldn’t listen when I tried to explain stuff, just hypermasculine.”

Meghan Vanderford, 26.

“Whatever sign my ex-wife is.”

Russell Collins Stiger, 58

“Leos are dominant and standoffish, not easy to approach. I hate it when people take over conversations and are not good listeners.”

Camille Boudreaux, 22

“I’m a strong believer that all behavior is learned. My degree is in sociology. So while I believe some people may show signs related to the star cycles, I want to know what your momma’s sign is because I know a woman’s going to act just like she was taught.”

Steve Streeter, 57

“Virgo! They are perfectionistic and persnickety, scrutinizing everything. When they find something they don’t like, they will almost debase you for it. I say no to Virgos.”

LaDonna Lee, 46

“Gemini, definitely. They’re super unpredictable; the dual personality thing is real. Happy one minute and depressed the next. It’s hard to trust a Gemini because you can’t tell what personality will come up next. And Virgos! They’re super passive. They hold in their emotions for a long time and then they just burst.”

Stephen Jay Lewis, 24.

“Leo guys are a little lazy and arrogant in my opinion.”

Ann Feletto, 19

“I’m sign neutral and connection real, baby. LOL.”

Adam Barker, 44

“#Leos. I admit it. My sign is the worst. And Scorpios. They’re super jealous, manipulative, secretive, carry grudges and resent you.”

Lorelei Neft, 23

“I don’t feel any negativity about one over another, but I think Cancer is the best sign.”

LaSalle Thompson, 57

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