Marcos Breton gets served

Did you read Marcos Breton’s column Monday?

Neither did we, at first, but we sure heard about it.

Titled “The price of downtown Sacramento is paying for Mayor Steinberg’s homeless crusade,” the piece took a predictably Bretonian approach to discussing the city’s most vulnerable, already marginalized population. Which is to say that the crabby metro columnist displayed an absolute disdain for people who have it less fortunate than he does.

(Don’t believe us? Read the column for yourself here.)

This isn’t the first time that Breton has pretended that the real victims of Sacramento’s homelessness crisis are the poor schmucks like him who have to step over bodies to get their morning lattes. But Marcos was in peak form with his March 5 harangue, drawing a wide-ranging chorus of boos from people representing all corners of society, from Loaves & Fishes to the business interests he purported to speak on behalf of.

One of the better responses came from Tre Borden, curator of the Warehouse Artist Lofts and a self-styled “placemaker,” a term we usually avoid. But we’ll spot Borden a freebie for crafting a beautifully worded Facebook response that incorporates the disbelieving exclamation, “Jesus be a raindrop!”

The Bee published a more refined version of Borden’s post here, but we appreciate the kneejerk original.

As good as Borden’s and other critiques were, though, the winner-winner-chicken-dinner award for best response goes to the artist behind one of the massive installations of the recently concluded ArtStreet showcase. For those who toured the temporary warehouse museum while it was open, the piece by artist John Downs included a large, brick-red wall scrawled with the names and ages of all the homeless people who died in Sacramento County between 2002 and 2016.

With ArtStreet ending—and the space it took place in soon to be demolished—the artists needed to remove their installations and figure out what to do with them. Which is where Downs got wonderfully inspired:

He delivered his wall to the lobby of the Sacramento Bee, where it awaits Breton’s return on Monday morning. With a very nice note. Read below and enjoy:

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