Art Hotel organizers announce next project

Just when Sacramento seems to have finally stopped talking about Art Hotel, M5 Arts Collective returns with news of its second annual project.

The next logical progression from Art Hotel? ArtStreet. At an undisclosed location, a building and its surroundings will transform into an art exhibit February 3-25. If last year was any indication, you should plan your visit for right when it opens.

M5 is currently seeking artists to join in the experiment. Here are some more hints at the project from the call for submissions:

This projects [siq] aim is to blur the line between the street, artist, audience, and curator allowing everyone to be active in production, resulting in some level of clarity of the “witnesses” role in a world that seems to be full of questions and uncertainty.

What is a street? A street moves us, cracks and curbs to trip us, green areas to rest on, allows the movement of life and goods, they come in many forms, we drive on them, walk on them, paint on them; they are multilayered and sometimes even above us and below. Streets have many stories, beautiful and romantic, dark and haunting.

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