Devil May Care ice cream coming to West Sacramento

More than two years after his popular restaurant the Eatery closed, Jess Milbourn is ready to resurface with a new effort in West Sacramento.

Instead of slinging gourmet burgers, Milbourn will scoop ice cream and other frozen treats at Devil May Care, which he aims to open in late August. It’ll be a tiny place—patio seating only—somewhere in the Broderick neighborhood. Milbourn will announce the precise location once he completes some exterior work next week; keep an eye on Devil May Care’s Twitter account.

Sacramento’s ice cream scene certainly has room for more competition, but the situation is especially dire in West Sacramento. Devil May Care will be the city’s only scoop shop that makes its own desserts, joining frozen yogurt shop Big Kahuna Yogurt and Alka Pure Water & Health in the general frozen treat department.

Still, Milbourn’s creations will likely draw far beyond the neighborhood.

“It’s going to be unique in that we’re gonna do all kinds of stuff,” he said, including gelato, soft serve and popsicles. The main attraction, through, will be frozen custard. Scoops will probably cost around $3-$3.50.

Devil May Care will also offer vegan ice cream—not just for the sake of being vegan, Milbourn said, but because coconut milk or cashew milk have entirely unique, delicious qualities. As for flavors?

“The goal is not to stop with the latest trendy flavor combination,” he said. “Sichuan peppercorn? Hey, if it works.”

Mainstays will be vanilla and chocolate, but even the vanilla won’t just be boring old vanilla. It might play with a mix of Mexican and Tahitian vanillas, or infuse ginger or coconut.

“It’s such a fun thing that we can really just play around with it,” he said.

Editor’s note: This post was changed to include Alka Pure Water & Health, a water store that also sells shaved ice and Gunther’s ice cream.

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