Bella Familia Wood Fired Pizza building giant food truck

The shipping container-as-restaurant concept is still going strong in Sacramento, kicked off by the likes of Der Biergarten and Federalist Public House. But what about a shipping container-as-food truck?

Bella Familia Wood Fired Pizza plans to be the first food truck of its kind in town, modeled off of the stately Del Popolo in San Francisco.

“When I mention food trucks, most people get the Drewski’s or Bacon Mania image in their head,” Bella Familia’s Scott Thorson says. “I’ve been calling this a mobile behemoth—more of a restaurant on wheels than a food truck. It’s all open. You can see everything. It’s food and a show.”

Instead of merely going up to a window to order, patrons will be able to see the Bella team making organic pizza dough and pulling pies out of its Forno Bravo wood fired oven. It’s also going to be huge.

Thorson hopes to have it on the streets—and parked outside local breweries—in May. 

Bella Familia is already a mobile company, but it operates via a trailer and tent, which prevents it from serving at certain types of events and at certain area breweries. Currently it serves whole, blistery pies with a variety of toppings for about $10, and it’s tinkering with a vegan option with cashew cheese.

Follow along with the truck’s progress here.

Photo courtesy of Scott Thorson.

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