Mother to cease 'regular dinner service'

That Mother. That Michael Thiemann and Matt Masera. Always keeping us on our toes!

OK, so what happened? Mother just sent out a super cryptic newsletter, stating that regular dinner service will end on March 1.

Don’t freak out. The key word here is “regular.” In March, Mother will embark on conceputal journey. In other words, rotating food themes. The first one will be Mexican. And, oh yeah, no more Chef’s 10. Again.

A few things will stay the same: the hours, the price point, the casual service, the vegetarianism. And lunch will continue to serve those mushroom po’boys and such, thank goodness. We’ll conclude with some very important points made in Mother’s Q&A portion of the announcement:

Can I get those cookies at night?

What about if I like really want fried mushrooms?! I mean, I know you have the mushrooms back there. Can’t you just dip them into some buttermilk, bread ‘em, cook ‘em and send ‘em my way?

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