Sacramento celebrity cat Norm Lopez only moved a little bit

Aw, Norm. The Mayor of Midtown. The absurdly huge orange cat with an international following on the interwebs. 

Norm Lopez lives on 14th Street between P and Q Streets. Some people purposefully visit him and arrange adorable photos, particularly of sleeping babies with sleeping Norm and sleeping stuffed animals. Others just happen upon him accidentally, and he makes their day. How could he not? He’s Norm!

Yesterday, Norm announced he’s moving. It’s certainly distressing, but he insists he’ll still be in Sacramento, somewhere. No word on that location just yet, but you have until Sunday, September 20 to visit him at his current locale. In Norm’s words, and not his owner’s: 

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce I’m moving. My spot on 14th St. between P & Q has been a happy haven for meeting friends, basking in the sun and hearing “Hey Norm!” no less than 10 times per day. If every creature, cat, dog, human or otherwise could be as lucky to receive half the affection you’ve given me, this world would be a significantly more loving and peaceful place.

UPDATE 9/22: In the midst of TBD Fest, we failed to notice that Norm Lopez didn’t move (much) after all! What a twist!

On Friday night, he announced that he found a new owner a mere half block away, so you’ll still see him in basically the same spot on 14th Street.

However, Six, the gray foil to Norm’s orange, did move away with Norm’s former owner. He’s now an indoor cat.  

Photo of Norm Lopez courtesy of Norm Lopez.

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