Potted plant desserts are a thing you can now buy in Sacramento

It may look like a shovel plunging through a potful of dirt—disturbing whatever green thing is trying to grow—but it’s actually tiramisu. With a shovel-looking spoon. Yeah.

Said green thing is a mint sprig. That dirt-like stuff is cookie crumbles. And three different potted plant desserts can be purchased at Honey D Cafe (5653 Freeport Boulevard), a cutesy Asian cafe that opened last week. 

One pot goes for $3.75, and it’s filled with classic Italian, red bean or mango tiramisu. The dessert trend stems from Taiwan—also home to that toilet bowl restaurant—but Honey D’s menu spans different regions in China as well. Find a large selection of milk teas with boba; egg puffs; jelly-, glutinous rice- or red bean-based desserts; appetizers like soy sauce chicken kidneys or whelks (sea snails); or Yunnan-style rice noodle soups.

And, oh yeah, you get to take the pot home.

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