Sweet Dozen unveils a Girl Scout cookie doughnut

It’s Girl Scout cookie season, which means inevitable debates in the office breakroom about which cookie reigns supreme.

For me, it’s always been Samoas, the chewy cookies coated in caramel, toasted coconut flakes and dark chocolate. And that’s why I simply must alert you to Sweet Dozen’s latest creation.


When I called this morning at about 11 a.m., Sweet Dozen had just one of these chocolate-caramel-coconut babies left. But the shop plans to keep making more, so don’t freak out.

Now, maybe you noticed I said “Samoas” instead of “Caramel deLites” and you are confused. Ever since I moved to Sacramento, I’ve been confused too. Turns out, the Girl Scouts use two different bakers to churn out their cookies. And the bakers use different names and even different recipes. In Sacramento, we get the goods from ABC Bakers (Caramel DeLites). I grew up in the Bay Area, with Little Brownie Bakers (Samoas). The LA Times published a map today showing the nation’s great cookie division. To their credit, the Girl Scouts has had the list, with the different names and nutritional values, here all along. 

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