Sacramento jails to be featured on MSNBC's “Lockup”

Get ready to be famous, Sacramento jailbirds.

MSNBC’s popular Lockup reality series is headed for a cell block near you. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department requested permission to allow a five-member film crew into its two custodial facilities—the main jail downtown and the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in Elk Grove—beginning December 15.

Studio City-based production company 44 Blue Productions Inc. is expected to record enough footage over the following 20 weeks—until April 30, 2015—to use in six episodes of the docu-series, which chronicles the day-to-day of inmates and guards.

Those who want to appear on the show would need to sign a release.

County supervisors approved the request during a December 9 procedural vote.

The proposed contract includes a section about not disclosing any information about what’s shot at the jails prior to an episode’s airing, and an agreement that 44 Blue would cough up the hourly sum for any additional security. That includes $81 an hour for sheriff’s deputies and $94 for sergeants.

And they say entertainers make all the money.

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