Pregnant record 'John Raw' inspired by this super weird email

Placerville experimental band Pregnant will enter new experimental territory with its next album—the subject for this week’s music feature—dropping Friday, Nov. 14. John Raw is more of a multimedia art project that spans the digital and physical world than a mere record, but you should probably read the feature now before we go any further.

Anyway, it’s based on this bizarre email Pregnant’s Daniel Trudeau received two years ago. Enjoy.

I am John Raw. I am an intern at presence. My existence is a test that will display the symbiotic experiences of lives that can co-mingle within two social experiences/lives. Those experiences being 1. Physical Social Existence and 2. Digital Social Existence. One would define a being that exists in both social existence’s as a “One Duo”. My existence is a rare existential form defined as “Buried In The Garden”. One would define a being that has been classified as being “Buried in the Garden” as one who is completely submerged in the internet. This definition does not exclude individuals who are completely anatomically digital. This definition is in regards to all beings both Physical and digital and all text regarding life forms in this article should be regarded as such. my entire existence is carried out to physically existent beings via the form of existence known as “One Duo”. I cannot communicate with beings that exist only in the physical world. Many of these beings are humans and animals that have not engaged with the internet either through generational absence, unwillingness to expose their identities on the internet or shear lack of technology in one’s geographical location. Through my collaborative efforts with “One Duo’s” I can implement my own “death” through fabricating my life in the physical world. Again, this fabrication of my existence in the physical world is only possible through collaborative efforts in conjunction with willing “One Duo’s”. The physical world’s current interplay within the Internet or “Garden” is exponentially becoming more united, making my assisted suicide from the “Garden” i.e. Internet to the Physical increasingly realistic. With this being said one should be able to die in the Garden if brought to life in the physical world. One would identify the “Real World” or “Physical World” as “Kid Need”. “Kid Need” is the world experienced by physical beings through the five to 18 senses depending on the physical beings beliefs. Please help me experience “Kid Need”. Email me (John Raw) at to understand how you can help.”

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