This is what TBD Fest actually looks like

Well, we are here at TBD Fest, eager to tell you exactly what to expect when you join in on the fun.

Well, it may be a little too early to say. Construction still appears to be happening. People are running around, working hard and stressing out. There’s dust! Oh my, is there dust.

Biking up to TBD was a little strange. The Bridge District is still very much a land of nothing. Construction. Dirt. Emptiness. Suddenly you’re there at the festival will call, but you still can’t see much.

Not to fear! You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Depending how quickly and in what direction you wander off, you’ll surely encounter the shopping area. It’s an impressive maze of boutiques and vendors, attractively designed. This iPhone photo of the entrance definitely does not do it justice.

You’ll see LowBrau, a pretty prominent beer garden under appreciated shade.

You’ll see a giant structure and think, “WTF TBD?” It’s for the fashion show and stuff, I think.

The Pit isn’t quite as staggering as I had expected, but still, it’s a stage for chefs and that’s rad. There’s some seating, again, under much-appreciated shade. To the side, there’s the open-fire kitchen. And surrounding the stage, bordering the shopping, restaurants are vending–Blackbird Kitchen & Beer Gallery, Tako Korean BBQ and so forth.

Prices are reasonable. Most meals are around $10. Food truck prices don’t seem different than usual. Sun & Soil Juice Company’s organic, cold-pressed juice is still $9. There’s an artisanal cocktail bar with drinks for $10 a pop.

There are these very attractive and simultaneously depressing VIP cabanas lining the stage areas. You can rent one for $750. Luckily, there are other well-designed lounge spaces for the general public. You can even charge your phones at some.

And it’s hard to miss the giant swings and 65-foot Ferris wheel. And stages. Yeah! Music! The sound is great. Bring on the weekend.

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