Sacramento's latest hybrid food is officially the ramen burrito

Not a ramen burger. Not a sushi burrito. A ramen burrito.

Our own beloved Shoki Ramen House debuted its Rapanada (ramen-empanada) at a Soil Born Farms event a couple weeks ago and again at the Farm-to-Fork Festival at Capitol Mall on Saturday.

It was ramen noodles, a sauce that tasted like thickened broth and seasonal veggies all wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

Obviously, at $3 for half of a burrito, I had to try it. I did it for you!

Anyway, I love Shoki, ramen, burritos and even silly hybrid foods, but I’m not sold on this particular creation. The delightful chew of the ramen noodles got lost in the hefty chew of the tortilla. The “Shoki sauce” was wonderfully rich in umami but gone after the first few bites. The veggies fell out and then I had plain ramen noodles with plain tortilla. 

I would, however, be willing to try it again. Especially with some delicious pork. Yes, pork please. Pork could save everything.

Shoki co-owner Kathy Ueyama was at the Farm-to-Fork Festival and said she’s unsure if the Rapanada will ever make it onto Shoki’s restaurant menu. It may just be a special event thing.

She also mentioned a ramen taco.

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