Stick a fork in it

Enough already.

I like farms, I sometimes use forks, and I often enjoy so-called “farm-to-fork” meals. Still, there’s something unsettling to me about the term “farm-to-fork.” Does it mean to imply that all the non-farm-to-fork-branded food I eat is from somewhere else besides a farm? Where can my food possibly be from if not a farm? If food’s not from a farm, why do we call it “food,” and why is it so delicious? There are so many unanswered questions—plus I keep imagining that the term was conceived at some stupid “branding” meeting led by marketing guys in suits. Then I picture people literally grabbing forks, heading to a farm and stabbing fresh produce. That’s farm-to-fork. Or would it be fork-to-farm?

However many questions the term may bring up, there’s no denying that some cool stuff is going on in the Sacramento area from September 13 to September 28 as part of a 15-day event called America’s Farm-to-Fork Celebration. Dozens of food-related happenings can be found at One highlight is the fancy Legends of Wine event ($50, 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 18, on the west steps of the State Capitol), featuring bread, cheese and wine chosen by Darrell Corti. And then there’s the main event, the Farm-to-Fork Festival (free, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on September 27, on Capitol Avenue between 3rd and 7th streets) with a ton of people packing into a small area to meet farmers, drink beer, watch cooking demonstrations, and of course, eat.

More importantly, some of my favorite restaurants—such as Shoki Ramen House, Grange Restaurant & Bar, and Ella Dining Room and Bar—are serving up special menu items. Head to for the full list. After all, the Sacramento food scene is much bigger than some dumb tagline—whatever the hell it means. Stay tuned to the calendar section next week for a bunch of cool food-related happenings that thankfully aren’t marketed as farm-to-fork. 

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