Chando's Tacos not the Best Burrito in America, but better than El Farolito

A very official Burrito Selection Committee at statistician Nate Silver’s blog, FiveThirtyEight, scoured the country for the very best 64 burritos. Chando’s Tacos made the list—a huge feat on its own—and was up against stiff San Francisco competition.

The first round came to a close today, and Chando’s got cut. But it was close—three points separated its adobada burrito from Taqueria Cancun’s victorious al pastor super burrito.

FiveThirtyEight touts it as a huge upset—Cancun beat top seeder El Farolito, after all. But guess what? With a score of 91, Chando’s beat El Farolito too!

What was served was a knockout. A tortilla griddled until it had a crisp, brown shell on the outside was loaded with cilantro, onion and tomato. Thin crema and chunky fresh guacamole made a bed for tender chunks of pink, spicy pork. True to the shared nomenclature, it sang notes of sweet pineapple, but was also bathed in deep, earthy chili pepper sauce.

Read more on the round here, and background on the selection process here. And in a different bracket, San Francisco’s La Taqueria killed Southern California’s entries, which you might enjoy reading about.

Now, who wants burritos?

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