Farm To Fork gala dinner to return to Tower Bridge. $175 gets you a seat!

The rumor was that last year’s Farm To Fork Week gala dinner, which took place on the Tower Bridge last September, wouldn’t return to that big ol bridge on Capitol due to—shocker!—city red tape.

Well, apparently there are some well-connected folks at F2F, and they were able to pull some strings, because it was announced this morning that the dinner will in fact return to the bridge.

The skinny:

***Sunday, September 28, at 4:30 p.m.

***Tickets are $175 a pop, $5,000 for a table of eight

***On Sale is this Monday, at 10 a.m., here.

***Chef Brian Mizner of Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co. and Chef Jason Poole of the Hyatt will lead the 30-chef team for the 3.5 hour dinner.

There’s a ton of whining about the 175-buck price tag, again. I don’t disagree that it’s exclusive. And that this exclusivity is a bummer, because F2F isn’t supposed to be about baller-status dinners; it’s about getting your hands in the dirt, eating those good greens. 

But I also realize that corralling 30 chefs for a snack on a bridge ain’t cheap.

Meanwhile, any F2F scalpers out there this year?

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