Drought response slow in Rancho Cordova

While several cities are already tightening their water spouts through landscaping prohibitions and drought surcharges, Rancho Cordova hasn’t joined the conservation bandwagon just yet.

Supplied with the clear stuff by Golden State Water Company, American Water and the Sacramento County Water Agency, the city reasons that it’s not in control of its own supply. By that argument, few municipalities are.

On Tuesday, the city council was expected to re-evaluate its wait-and-see leadership approach with input from an online water-conservation survey that tallied 98 responses from residents. According to the results, 46.9 percent of respondents considered water conservation to be a high-priority affair, while 68 percent believed their city should take an active role in promoting conservation. Another 67 percent supported policy changes that would allow residents to replace their water-gorging front yards with more drought-tolerant landscapes.

Only 35.2 percent favored mandatory water cutbacks that have been adopted in Sacramento, Folsom and elsewhere.

One unnamed commenter did make a different observation. “It seems that Code Enforcement is unaware of the drought, and working against water conservation,” the person wrote. “Neighbors have complained about being fined for a slightly browning lawn, while trying to adhere to the State guidelines. Could the City work with the different departments and ensure you’re all on the same page?”

The council was given the option of making immediate recommendations on Tuesday or waiting until staff returned at a “future” meeting with ideas. No rush or anything.

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