Doughbot announces closure and leaves Sacramentans mourning

No more gourmet donuts, Sacramento.

No more lemon lavender bliss. No more pillows oozing with lime-coconut cream. No more vegan donuts that still taste like donuts.

The owners of Doughbot (2226 10th Street), Sacramento’s only high-end, experimental donut shop, announced over the weekend that they’re calling it quits.

Doughbot opened about three years ago, and the last day to hoard its fried doughy goodness will be Sunday, August 3. Does anyone know if donuts freeze well?

The couple behind the magic, Bryan Widener and Dannah O’Donnell, notably competed on “Donut Showdown,” a Canadian Food Network television equivalent of “Cupcake Wars,” and won. Their peanut butter and jelly donut, a regular in the shop, chocolate beer donut and baked potato donut blew judges away.

On Facebook, O’Donnell said: “As rewarding as these last few years have been, they’ve also been incredibly difficult. We’re simply burned out… We sincerely appreciate your continued support over the years, and we hope we’ll see you soon.”

About 100 people responded with sadness. Many said they thought they didn’t even like donuts until they tried Doughbot’s versions. A few touted the vegan donuts as the best in existence. A couple asked if Widener and O’Donnell considered hiring more help instead of closing up shop. And one said: “That just blows doughnut holes!”

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