New Midtown juice shop opens with $9 price tags

Expensive, refreshing, nutritious cold-pressed juice. I mulled over the trend last week in an essay, in which I mentioned a new Midtown juice shop opening this spring. 

It’s open! On Monday, Sun & Soil Juice Company (1912 P Street) started selling its brightly colored, cold-pressed, raw juice. Most 16-oz bottles cost $8 or $9, but if you return the glass bottle, you’ll get reimbursed $2. Assuming you’re not lazy or forgetful, it’s a better deal than the 12-oz, $7 blends from the essay-mentioned Metro Juice Company, which will open at 800 J Lofts thanks to the Calling All Dreamers downtown business contest.  

Sun & Soil Juice Company’s blends do excite, often jazzed up with ginger, garam masala, cayenne or Himalayan salt. The Sweet Po Pie ($9) intrigues with yams, almond milk, dates and garam masala, as does the Fennel Fetish ($9) with grapefruit, fennel, pineapple and chia seeds. For the less adventurous, consider a Mighty Melon ($8) with watermelon, mint and lime or Beauty & The Beet ($8) with carrot, beet, apple and ginger. Plus, single-flavor options ($8) or smoothies ($7).

Check out the full menu here. Sun & Soil also offers a juice cleanse option, with a full day of juice costing $35 after returning the glass bottles. It’s swim suit season, but if you need more inspiration to forgo chewing, look no further than SN&R’s Nick Miller.


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