How to hack your healthcare

This one’s for all freelancers and start-up types out there.

The folks at Hacker Lab have come up with HackerCare Health Insurance–but they need another 20 or so enrollees in order to make it happen for reals.

So what is HackerCare, exactly?

It’s, to quote the info on their website, it’s “heath insurance + perks + big data. We leverage the buying power of members to obtain cost savings, swag and info to maximize the value of your policy. And quality coverage.

Here’s the caveat–the deadline to enroll is end-of-day Thursday, April 17 so that the plan may be activated by May 1 (and enrollees can avoid the tax penalty for not having a qualified insurance plan).

Who can enroll? Check it:

  • Hackers/Developers
  • Makers
  • Designers
  • Freelancers
  • Startups/Small Biz
  • Anyone in the tech and maker industry

 What’s it offer?

  • HackerCare offers two plans that utilize the full Aetna PPO network
  • Family rates start at $980
  • Individual rates start at $250
  • An Deductible Co-op Pool is available. Pool members will be able to submit their deductible expenses for reimbursement

There are also dental plan options. For more info visit HackerCare. But hurry.

Oh, and to learn more about Hacker Lab, read this story about its co-founder, Gina Lujan.

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