Have a look at Snoop Dogg's rider (he's coming to Sacramento on April 18)

Snoop Dogg returns to Sacramento this month, on April 18, at Ace of Spades.

I like to describe his live gig as simply “fun.” (I’d give you more, but I just got back from the dentist and am feeling a little wack. Fun is all you get. Anyway … here’s a review of Snoop back in 2011.)

More exciting: Below is a peek at Snoop Dogg’s rider.

For the uninitiated: A rider is a list of stuff an artist wants backstage or in their dressing room. The joke is that every artists wants a bowl of green-only M&Ms.

Snoop’s rider is loaded with highlights. I won’t waste your time previewing the good shit. Go for it. (Oh, get your tickets for Snoop at Ace of Spades here.)

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