A Nicolas Cage art show is a great reason to drive to San Francisco

Nicolas Cage is the butt of so many internet jokes that it’s totally logical that someone decided to make him the focus of something more tangible. Like an art show. A Nicolas Cage-themed art show.

The event takes place at Balancoire, a bar in San Francisco’s Mission district, on April 12 at 7 p.m. Advanced tickets will soon be sold for $10, and chances are, they’ll sell out fast. Because Nicolas Cage.

As the Facebook event so eloquently states:

Nicolas Cage is an enigma, of misunderstood sex appeal, raw, unfiltered power and his chameleon like mystique to portray himself as Nicolas Cage as any character! What?!”

Fairfield-man Ezra Croft is organizing the show, and Sacramentans might recognize him from The Shady Lady, where he sometimes spins funky electro swing like this.

Good news is that he’s still accepting works of art. So dig out that secret Nic Cage shrine from your closet and email niccagepartysf@gmail.com right now. Meanwhile, here’s some gold that will be on display at the show:

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