Life in 24 Frames releases new record Bitter End for free

After months of negotiating with record labels and music publishers, Sacramento indie band Life in 24 Frames decided to give away its new album for free.

Frontman Kris Adams said many variables contributed to the decision: a key contributor to the  record left the band nine months ago; offers weren’t quite lucrative enough; and he, understandably, got impatient. The album, Bitter End, was completed last fall.

“Our motive behind making music has never been for fame or money,” Adams said. “We put a lot of heart and effort into this record, and this just felt right.”

Anyone can email Adams at and he’ll send over Bitter End. Soon, Life in 24 Frames will have the album available for download on its website. And eventually, the record might be for sale on iTunes, just so the band can make Bitter End available to stream on Spotify and Pandora as well. 

Life in 24 Frames’ next gig is at Assembly Music Hall on Saturday, March 29 (also Autumn Sky’s EP release), and the band will be handing out download codes for both Bitter End and its 2011 release Time Trails

The new title track, “Bitter End,” might feel familiar—it was actually put on iTunes last May in anticipation of the Launch Music Festival. It’s an accurate representation of the rest of the album though—lovely, simple and catchy.

For another taste, check out “Poor Rich Man,” a lush keyboard- and harmony-driven song, beautifully accentuated by horns.

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