KHTK gives Don Geronimo the boot. I'm going to miss the guy.

It’s been more than a pleasure covering Don Geronimo’s latest stint in Sacramento on KHTK 1140 AM.

First, I wrote about Don’s feud with Sacramento Bee sports editor Tom Couzens

Long story short:

Last year, Tom wrote about Don’s return to KHTK’s morning time slot in his Bee column. He was bummed on the show’s lack of actual sports-talk coverage.

Don then called Tom some choice names, and even did a skit called “Kissing Couzens.”

Then, one day, Tom called KHTK and cussed out the call screener—then denied to me that he did it.

Don read my story on this feud on air (well, actually, comedian Frank Caliendo read my story on air as Morgan Freeman, which was one of the craziest fucking things in my young journalism career).

Then, Tom told the truth that he actually made the calls and apologized to SN&R’s readers (but not me) in the Bee’s sports section.

Here’s a pic of his printed apology:

The story went national. Tom was suspended for a week.

Then, Don blocked me on Twitter for what I wrote about his involvement in Carmichael Dave’s firing in this SN&R cover story.

Then, a year later, KHTK re-hired Dave and got rid of Don from his morning slot for the very reasons that Tom Couzens had said his show sucked in the first place!

And then, on October 4, KHTK took Don off the air for good.

Crazy, right!

Don reappeared this afternoon to briefly say goodbye to his listeners. The host has made a shitton of money for CBS Radio over the years, certainly, and allegedly will be popping up on another CBS station sometime this year.

Meanwhile, the score for those keeping tabs at home:

Don Geronimo: 0

Tom Couzens: 0

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