Scorekeeper III: The week's winners and losers

Dog-day afternoon

The time-honored tradition of a boy playing with his dog took an unexpectedly dark turn in the north Sacramento neighborhood of Westlake on Sunday afternoon. That’s where a witness reportedly saw a male juvenile stab his dog in the head with a knife. A Sacramento Police Department log says the dog was transported to a local veterinary clinic for treatment. There was no word on how serious the injury was. Officers arrested the minor on charges of animal cruelty and took him to juvenile hall.


Shutdown, shut up

Google “federal shutdown,” and you get options for the current year as well as 1995, 2011 and 2014. So, no, it’s not just you that’s feeling a sense of déjà vu. We’d complain about sharply divided representatives, political brinksmanship, Republican hostage-taking and partisan bickering, but you’ve heard all that before, too. So why don’t we just all expel a collective groan? Feel better? Neither do we.

1 trillion

Sir(reptitious) Charles

Remember back in March, when former NBA star Charles Barkley won more than $67,000 on The Price Is Right and donated it to the Mustard Seed School for homeless children? Well, he paid the campus a secret visit last Friday, giving a heartfelt talk to the students.

+ 67,633

Bear-ly escaped

Roseville police were on the lookout for a brown bear ambling through residential backyards last Sunday, but were unable to corner the hirsute trespasser. Honestly, bear: Of all the towns in the Sacramento region, why Roseville?


Bye-bye, Blackbird

First, chef Kevin O’Conner flew the coop, leaving popular new restaurant Blackbird Kitchen & Bar on Ninth and 10th streets. And, now, according its general manager, the spot “has decided to close.” Owner Carina Lampkin was a big part of bringing new energy to downtown and K Street. But staff was informed—via email!—that they wouldn’t have a job this week. (And no more $5 happy-hour tacos for you, either.) Boo.


Farmer party

Big green thumbs-up to the powers that be in charge of Saturday’s Farm-to-Fork Festival on Capitol Mall. It’s not easy to innovate, execute, produce and knock out a brand-new event—but last weekend’s party was pretty darn cool. Pro tip: Next year, more food!

+ 916

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