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     Seattle sigs

Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork announced on Tuesday that the 18,000 or so signatures collected in June and July—with funds provided by Seattle Supersonics No. 1 fan Chris Hansen—have been delivered. “[A]ssuring that the measure will make the ballot,” according to @voteonthearena on Twitter. Hansen had said he would try to block the signatures. + 18,000

      Drive-through bandit

An unidentified fast-food customer simply had to have it his way. On September 11, Sacramento Police Department logs say the individual reached his hand through the drive-through window of a restaurant on the 2700 block of Broadway. There’s a Taqueria Maya’s, Subway and Carl’s Jr. all within that vicinity. Officers stopped their suspect nearby, and say he had the tip jar from another restaurant in his possession. While police didn’t name the suspected thief, Scorekeeper suspects it’s the Hamburglar – 99 cents

      Stab city

Is violence becoming more brazen in Midtown, or should we just chalk this one up to the date? Midafternoon on Friday the 13th, a man in his 40s was stabbed numerous times outside of the Safeway on 19th and S streets. Still no info on the attacker. – 13

     Cohn does Twitter

Long-standing East Sacramento Councilman Steve Cohn is running for Roger Dickinson’s Assembly seat. And, like any good campaign, he now he’s recently launched a new Twitter account for it. But Scorekeeper questions the judgment behind his first post: “Cohn campaign learned today it was mistaken in believing it had the endorsement of Mayor Kevin Johnson.” OK, so that’s your campaign’s introduction to the Twittersphere? Or, as local political consultant Andrew Acosta chimed in: “Did the campaign ask for the endorsement from KJ and not get it OR did you get it and not want it?” No tweets since then for @cohnforassembly. – 7

     Flights of fancy dining

Mobile-food-concession operators are getting a chance to set up their trucks in the Sacramento International Airport's cellphone lot, a free waiting area for those picking up passengers. The Sacramento County Airport System last week requested bids from interested grub-makers and says, if all goes well, food trucks could segue into the rental-car facility. If all goes well. Does that mean no artery-clogging “five-speeds”? Hope not. Applications are due October 3. + 100

     Fare game

Scorekeeper embraces mass transit and Sacramento's light rail. But it’s 2013, which means it’s time for Regional Transit to accept debit or credit-card payments for light-rail fare. Because, you know, sometimes a few bucks of change is hard to scrounge up. – 2.50

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