Mac Worthy celebrates his birthday by saying the n-word. A lot.

Mac “Pimping the People” Worthy turned an energetic 72 yesterday, and boy was our favorite public speaker in rare form.

He spent his birthday doing what he does every Tuesday—lecturing the Sacramento City Council about…stuff.

But three hours into the meeting, the inimitable Worthy, looking stylish in a metallic-tan collared shirt and black beret, got up to speak for a fourth time and started riffing like a Redd Foxx album.

Speaking after an economic development report, Worthy complained about the city’s affordable housing policies (we think), saying, “That’s worse than segregation, people. That’s slavery.”

That’s also when he got really worked up.

Worthy continued:

But anyway. You gonna do what you wanna do. And to what, uh, the words I use here when I speak, I could utter those same words across the street. And whoever challenges me—poor white boys or whoever—niggers are gonna be niggers. Now, you can leave across the street in front of the courthouse, I’ll be there. I’ll be there. Challenge me. Take me to court. I come here because I have a right to voice my opinion. Those are your niggers, not my niggers sittin’ at the table with you.

This is when Councilman Jay Schenirer interrupted and told Worthy that Councilman Steve Hansen already warned him about language. When Worthy interjected, Schenirer dropped the even keel:

“N-n-n-no, you’re done. You’re done. Thank you. You’re done. Thank you. You’re done.”

Worthy grumbled his way back to his seat, but wasn’t there when the city council adjourned minutes later. It’s unclear from the video stream whether he was escorted out, as one local reporter said, or simply left to salvage the rest of his birthday.

If you’re counting at home, Worthy said the n-word six times, counting his last tirade, Hansen’s warning and the beginning of the meeting, when he seemingly got away with one.

Even still, it would be awfully sad if the council booted their biggest fan on his birthday. Hansen requested that the city track speakers who violate public comment rules against profanity, personal attacks and general disrespect, and respond “appropriately.” To me that suggests the possibility of a council ban for Worthy, which would surely be a fate worse than death, and a terrible way to honor Worthy’s misunderstood performance art. (We’re only sort of kidding.)

Of Worth’s four appearances last night, each one was a bit of avant garde gold, but the first—a non sequitur parable linking African American history to the state of Israel (we think)—was the goldiest.

As a belated birthday congrats, we’ve transcribed those comments below. But typed words don’t do Mac justice. The man elocutes like a cross between Pulp Fiction's Jules Winnfield and Darrell Hammond as Jesse Jackson. So here’s a link to his first appearance.

Happy birthday, Mac Worthy. Don’t let The Man grind you down.

Good afternoon city council, uh, mayor. A new era, for me, it begins today. I turn 72 today and I start on my second 72 years. But I want to bring something to your attention, what I have looked at over the time, from 1955: foreign policy, civil rights and black unemployment. They coincide.

For instance, in the second world war, when the Jews were relocated in Palestine, United States government bought that land. Seventeen dollars an acre. When blacks were brought here against their will, for slavery, we put ‘em in the field. Then along came Lincoln and he said, “Move up.” And we start gettin’ hung, because we didn’t have no economics area to go to. Then we said “civil rights.” Put in civil rights when they can give it and they can take it.

When we now is going back to the ‘50s of civil rights, 50 years, when we should be—diplomacy for Saudi Arabia for [funding/following/huh?] us, for economics—but we goin’ back the 50 years. You can’t go back. You lost. When you sold your soul to integrate, that’s where they want you.

Every baby that’s one year old today in America will never live to see the Jews control that area. It will never happen, people. THAT WAS THE SEED THAT AMERICA’S GOV’MENT PLANT! For future control of that area. They don’t need America’s white man! Hellwhattaweewan? That’s what he kept us from. Economics! That’s what you see now. Deny us the rights to become self-sufficient. He will control us—because you not dealing with a negro [He might have said the other word. I listened to it four times and decided to air on the side of caution.] over there. You dealing with the real boys. We lay down. Those boys don’t lay down.

And I had to admire ‘em—continual fight until the end for yo’ rights.

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