Heard it on the newsroom floor: Workshop edition

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An acoustic keytar? (Buy this image on a T-shirt at www.bustedtees.com/acoustickeytar.)
A few weeks ago, staff writers Raheem F. Hosseini and Dave Kempa led a workshop on interviewing for SN&R’s summer interns. A few of us other staffers sat in, and we learned a lot. Here are some highlights from Raheem’s presentation:

“You need to find who you are and be that person, even though that sounds stupid.”

Emotions are weird and uncomfortable, and I don’t like them.”
And some of the interns did ask questions, like this exchange between Raheem and Cody Drabble:
RFH: “I had a fictional band, BIRTHED BY METAL LOINS. It was a speed-metal band.”

C.D.: “What did you play?”

RFH: “Electric keytar. As opposed to acoustic keytar.”

No, really, we did learn a lot. Thanks, guys! 

[Note from Raheem: “Our fictional hit single was, ‘I WANNA BE YOUR LOVE DESPOT.'”]

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