Workers unite (in not answering our calls)

This little piggy went to Morgan Stanley…

If you passed the intersection of 21st and J in Midtown this week, you’ll have noticed the two men with a banner standing in protest of Pacific Housing Inc. And if you asked them any specifics on what it is they’re fighting for, they’d (understandably) point you to their union’s press rep.

Which would be fine, if the guy would call us back.

The best we can glean from the purple flyer the nice men handed to us is that they believe Pacific Housing Inc. isn’t requiring its “contractors or sub-contractors to pay carpenter area standard wages and benefits on all of their projects all of the time.” All of this is surrounding the new 2500 R Street affordable housing project currently underway.

The protestors seem to be members of the local carpenters union, CLU 46. We’ve been trying to contact the org over the last two days, but no one seems to want to talk. And we can’t figure out if Tim Litton, their public-facing rep, even checks his voicemail.

Taking a cue from CLU 46's purple flyer, we decided to call Pacific Housing’s president, Mark Wiese. Maybe he’d have some input on what, exactly, this is all about.

No answer… though we will take most of the blame on this one, as we tried him at 4:30 on a Friday.

So. There it is. The controversy that never was. Or always wasn’t. It ain’t be.

Stay tuned. Or don’t. We’re not even really sure who to call anymore.

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