Reboot your karma

Joey Garcia

I bought a computer at a yard sale and discovered that the hard drive had not been wiped clean. It contains information that reveals the previous owner of the computer was threatened by her family to change her will. I got a good deal on the computer and would have to give it up if I report what I know. I’ve wanted a new computer, put that wish to the universe, and got one. But part of me says I need to contact the authorities, even if I have to give the computer up. I keep weighing pros and cons. What do you think?

You seem smitten with the law of attraction. So what will be drawn to you if you stay silent about a possible crime? And is a yard-sale computer worth keeping if doing so inspires your mind to swing between pros and cons? These questions should pull you beyond the level of thinking that focuses primarily on energy (like attracts like) and into consciousness, the state of being awake and aware of what is going on in and around you. Yes, that means it’s time to wake up and contact the elder-abuse unit of your local district attorney’s office for further guidance.

I’m 59 years old and lost my job after my employer downsized. I found another position fairly quickly. Unfortunately, that company went out of business. I have not come close to being invited for a job interview for nearly three years. I’m certain it is because of my age. I’m depressed and out of options. My unemployment runs out this month, and I’ve already spent my retirement savings. I’ve always been planted in a successful, creative career and don’t know what to do.

Sell everything you own and migrate to Thailand, Ecuador, Vietnam, Belize or another country where you can live like a queen on your Social Security income. Many developing countries offer sweet packages for retirees, because your relocation benefits their economy. Here in the United States, you’re swimming against an economic tsunami; there’s no fun in that. But as a creative professional, you possess a skill set that allows you to thrive in another country. Those skills include an adventurous spirit, a flexible, curious nature, the ability to be open to new experiences and the capacity to follow the muse. Plus, your talent and knowledge means you can teach or ply your trade in programs catering to ex-pats who speak English. I know several people who have embraced this path and will not move back here, ever. Of course, not one of these emigrants expected anything in their new home to be like it is here in the States. Each was simply grateful for the privilege of a fresh start. You can live that fully, too.

My best friend from high school stopped talking to me senior year. I don’t know why. It’s bad enough we’re going to the same university. Yesterday, I found out that I have two classes with her. Every time I think about seeing her, I feel sick to my stomach.

Talk to those unresolved feelings in your belly. Ask your emotions how to stop this discomfort and move forward. It may be strange to address your feelings. But when your body speaks your mind, you must respond. Reassure yourself that whatever you may have done, or whatever has been done to you, can be forgiven. Then, forgive yourself and her. Trust that a friendship’s end is an opportunity, not a crisis. Visualize making eye contact with her in class and emerging unscathed from the interaction. Practice until you have no fear. You have as much right to be in the classroom as she does. Believe it, and behave accordingly.

Meditation of the week
“You’re not here just to do what you’re told. You’re here to see gaps and to act upon them,” says Kirthiga Reddy, director of online operations for Facebook India. Here’s a challenge: Pick one area of your personal life or career, see what it’s missing, and take action today that blesses both you and your community. I double-dog dare you!

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