Fake Guy Fieri-themed menu

There’s a chef named Guy Fieri. He sports spiked bleached-blonde hair. He’s on the Food Network shows Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (a.k.a. DDD or Triple D to hardcore fans) and Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cookoff (with Rachel Ray). He studied cooking at American River College, and worked in the kitchens of several Sacramento-area restaurants.

Now, I’ve never met Fieri or eaten any of his food. And I hear he’s an annoyingly nice guy (no pun intended). But none of this makes making fun of him any less enjoyable. (Did you notice that his website, http://guysamerican.com, features an animation of him popping up and saying, “Welcome to Flavortown?”)  

Anyway, last November, his restaurant Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square was taken down hard in a New York Times restaurant review. It was hilarious, and quickly went viral, becoming an internet sensation. On the other hand, in April, the Bee wrote about Fieri’s new Johnny Garlic’s restaurant taking over Tex Wasabi. The story called him a “superstar chef.”

A few weeks ago, someone pointed me towards a mysterious spoof website that offers a fake Fieri-like menu. It seems to have first appeared on the food blogosphere in February, but somehow, it flew beyond my radar. It appears to be based off a collection of Twitter-sourced digs at Fieri (poor guy can’t catch a break—except maybe from the Bee). Filled with menu items such as “Donkamole” fries and “Honky-Tonk Double Barrel Meat Loaded Blast,” it’s pretty gosh-darn hilarious. Here’s the full menu, for your enjoyment (from http://guysamericankitchenandbar.com):

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