Seriously bro, no Brosville? WTF?

Some real estate blog just posted a list of the 18 Best U.S. Cities for Bros and, I have to admit I’m a little shocked (and way disappointed) with the results.

Sacramento’s exclusion I get (The Kay is a relatively new concept after all) but seriously–no Brosville? The city formerly known as Roseville is, after all, one of the bro-iest places I’ve ever been. The air is thick with Axe cologne and the scent of bleach blonde-inducing peroxide. My brother, the bro-est of the bros, lives there. That last part is actually the only proof needed for my argument that the city should have landed in this list’s top 10.

And what’s up with an 18-place list? Not 10? Not 15? Not 20?


So what did make the list? The No. 18 honors go to Orlando, Fla because, among other reasons, comedian Daniel Tosh attended the University of Central Florida there. The No. 1 winner was Los Angeles because, well because it’s L.A.

Check out the full list here. (via Jezebel and Huffington Post).

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