Always march in black

Wait, is that irreparable harm to our ecosystem or a Sacramento protest?

Want a perfect way to buzzkill an afternoon? Then grab your black hat and matching umbrella, and be at the California State Capitol’s north steps at high noon on July 11 to make a STATEMENT against BIG OIL. (Yes, this is all-caps important.)

The one-hour Separation of Oil & State: Follow the Money wants to expose the dirty dealings between oil lobbyists and politicians by having black-clad participants march past lobbyist offices and the federal building like “a human oil slick.” It may end up looking more like bad community theater, but it’s free and for a good, angry cause.

Organizers from 350 Sacramento and Stop Fooling CA say their march is in spirit with the nationwide “Summer Heat” campaign, which protests the millions in lobbying dollars and billions in government subsidies that go back and forth between the fossil fuel industry and greasy politicians.

Quoth march organizer Megan Elsea:

This money buys our representatives’ approval to take all oil out of the ground by any means, including fracking and tar sands, no matter the cost to our environment. If we continue to invest in fossil fuels instead of green energy, our climate will soon become unlivable!

So if you’re into wearing sun-sucking black during the height of a scorching summer (I’m looking at you, goths), this could be a good opportuntiy to take a lunchtime stroll that might just make a difference.

But probably won’t. I mean, let’s be real. They have money and access. And you have a black hat. The world is doomed.

On that note, all this talk about slick this and slick that made me think of the one and only Slick:

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