Mugging last night in Sacramento sparks public-safety dialogue on Reddit

Here’s the post by “ilovelamp83” on Reddit’s Sacramento thread:

Two girls I know were leaving R15 and got mugged at gun point last night. There were four assailants and two guns, and one of my friends refused to give up her purse – so they pistol whipped her and took it. This took place at 15th and S.

What’s going on in Sacramento? I know a few people who have been mugged now (one girl was punched in the face, another was just purse snatched).

I guess as a man I’ll be more mindful of it and offer to walk women home or put them in a cab, but what else can we do? It’s getting out of hand…

It’s generally safe in the central city—you can peruse daily crime reports from Central Command here—but this sad event is a reminder that, even in groups, it’s important to be safe and mindful of your surroundings at night.

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