Heard it on the newsroom floor

When SN&R staff writers aren’t furiously typing away on their keyboards to hit deadline, their dialogue sounds like this:

Dave Kempa: “You reading Greg Lucas?”

Raheem F. Hosseini: “Who’s Greg Lucas?”

Well, Greg is that guy who’s been writing that column, Capitol Lowdown, every-other week since September 2012 in SN&R, just a page or two away from Raheem’s stories in the News section. And, yeah, it’s the same Greg Lucas who was also the main food reviewer from 2008 to 2012.

What’s my name?

To be fair, Greg works off-site, not at the SN&R headquarters. Still, Raheem felt really bad about “soundling like an asshole,” so I asked Greg:

Who is Raheem F. Hosseini?

“Is it the guy who wrote The Kite Runner?” Greg responded.




    Oh, that Greg Lucas!

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