Youth in revolting behavior

“Yo Ese, you got a problem?”

Oh those unruly teenagers. Sacramento police had their hands full with them in the northern part of the city in recent weeks, ejecting them from libraries, busting up parties and confiscating imitation handguns.

On the afternoon of May 23, an exasperated security guard called police to the South Natomas Library, where four juveniles reportedly stirred trouble.

Officers pulled two physically resistant youths out of the Truxel Road reading spot as their two friends hollered, police logs state. Once outside, the bad behavior didn’t stop, as they threatened to beat up the security guard.

Witnesses said the teens had disturbed the peace in the area for a while, and were grateful for the reprieve, said Officer Doug Morse, spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department.

“We arrested all four,” he said.

The security guard, Morse added, “did a great job.”

Police recorded other incidents involving youth.

Several hours earlier that same Thursday, just past midnight, police chased a bunch of teens out of a vacant home being used for a house party on Diorte Way.

The previous evening, on May 22, officers arrested a juvenile for riding one of two stolen bicycles that were burgled from a garage on Ainger Court. Both bikes were returned to the victim, who flagged down officers and pointed out the pack of neighborhood youths he believed to be responsible.

That same Wednesday, an outside agency assisted Sacramento police in stopping a fleeing youth who was reportedly armed with a handgun. It turned out to be a replica firearm, and the juvenile was arrested on a brandishing charge.

But perhaps most indicative of the age-old struggle between young and old happened May 16 near Sandburg Avenue and Sheppard Drive. That’s where three young people cornered a man in his 70s and tried to rob him at the business end of a knife. According to police logs, the trio’s would-be victim refused and a struggle broke out.

It ended with the suspects—described as being in their late teens or early 20s—getting bupkis and running. The victorious elder took himself to an area hospital for what police described as non-fatal injuries.

That should keep those kids off his lawn.

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