Closing time?

Editor’s note: California’s struggling restaurants appeal to diners for support, while suing governments over fees California’s struggling restaurants have two major efforts on their menu…

Planet V: Celebrating veganism contact-free

However you choose to enjoy October’s vegan bounty, recognize that it’s a tough time for restaurants in general, let alone those adding menu items in slim times. Show gratitude, TIP WELL and TIP OFTEN.

Opening Easy Diner in uneasy times

The owners of Bambi Vegan Tacos food truck prepare to open the Easy Diner on I Street as other Sacramento restaurants close during pandemic Dozens…

Planet V Review: Vegan Deadly Sins

Every Yelp review is the same: “I opened [insert food delivery app of choice] looking for something new, and Vegan Deadly Sins popped up. I had no idea it existed!”

From Tupperware, with love

And so I bake. I bake as an excuse to leave the house, if only briefly. If my friends are home, we’ll talk through screen doors, catch up a bit. If they’re working, or if their health doesn’t allow it, I’ll send a text in advance so the food doesn’t languish in Sacramento’s summer heat. However the food gets delivered, I’ve made a real, human connection with someone I love in a time when I—we—need it so much.

From chef to table

When he and his wife both lost their restaurant jobs as the coronavirus pandemic shut down businesses, JD Snead says he started cooking for his…

In bad taste?

Burger Patch, Sacramento’s king of vegan fast food, has been a philanthropic force since opening last year. Its “Patch Match” program has donated a portion…